Setting Sail

The company’s origins trace back to a sailmaker, who masterfully fabricated canvas for boats navigating the Hudson River throughout the heyday of the nation’s industrial era


Charting a New Course

Benjamin Burak, a salesperson for Hudson Awning Company, acquires the sail-making business and expands the product line to include awnings for both residential & business


Storefronts & Brownstones

The company continues to grow its reach throughout the New York City Metro, evolving from its initial roots of serving businesses with small storefronts and providing window awnings for brownstones in Jersey City & Bayonne


Concentration on Construction

Ed Burak, Benjamin’s son, assumes the company reins and spearheads its transition from a cottage-trade philosophy to one that is construction focused; he is joined by his wife Lynda, who oversees the company’s administrative tasks


Innovative Best Practices

Hudson marks a new milestone that establishes an innovative best practice for constructing awning frames utilizing welded pipe fittings


A New Home

The company’s expanded best-in-class product line and talented employee base lead Hudson to acquire its current headquarters in Bayonne acquired Acme Awning & Shade Co of North Jersey


Setting New Standards

At a time when production is almost double, engineer Hussain Ali is added to the team to design, draw and estimate projects, which are now significantly larger and pose new benchmarks for quality and safety


Award-Winning Ways

Hudson is recognized with the “Project of the Year” Award by the Industrial Fabrics Association – the first of many prestigious awards that will follow in subsequent years


Stamp of Approval

Forbes awards Hudson the Enterprise Award for Best Small Business of the Year


State-of-the-Art Solutions

With larger commercial assignments feeding overwhelming demand for Hudson’s custom solutions, the company incorporates radio frequency heat sealing and hot-air welding of fabric along with a track-operated membrane machine into its business platform        


Leading Industry Education

Diana Isabella-Wetchkus joins the company where she collaboratively manages every facet of the business with Ed Burak; CEU-credit seminars for architects are introduced to advance industry knowledge of the latest awning and structure construction techniques and code compliance


Keeping Current

The hands-on executive leadership team continues to formulate new strategies that build on the company’s impeccable reputation and evolution from sail making and awnings to architectural structures and beyond. Additionally Hudson staff attends all OSHA related courses